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With The Name Of Allah, The Merciful, The Extremely Merciful

As-Salaamu Alaikum Members, Supporters & Friends!


Alhamdulillah! SubhaanaAllah! Allahu-Akbar!We Are About To Begin Our Journey Through One Of The Greatest & Blessed Months Of The Year… Shahru Ramadan!

May This Noble, Blessed & Illuminated Month…. Although We Are Not In The Masjid, Bring You & Your Family The Mercy, Forgiveness, Joy & Goodness (Paradise & Protection From Hell Fire) That You Have Been Seeking. May Allah Send The Healing That You Desire, Relief Us From All Hardships(Corona Virus, Job Lost, Sadness Grief) & Grant You Achievement Of Your Honorable Striving. May He Grant You Reconciliation In All Relationships & Business Affairs.┬áMay He Grant You Increase In Rizq & Fulfillment Of Your Best Supplications! May Allah Shower You With His Special Mercy That Is Only Sent Down In Ramadan! May He Grant You & Your Family The Highest Level In Paradise & Save You & Your Family From The Raging Flames Of Hell Fire! May He Forever Be Pleased With You! Ameen!

Imam Tajiddin